Auto Search Engine Submitter for Webmasters and Site Promoters

This is exactly what you've been waiting for! Software that does the work of an employee! Set your search engine submissions on autopilot, using the secret algorithms of search engine master Michael Campbell. After writing the book "Nothing But 'Net", Michael set out to create search engine submitting software that would emulate his top scoring strategies of earning $750,000 a year, through search engines alone. You are about to learn all the inside secrets of his proprietary submission techniques.

    • discover how responsible search engine submissions, not spam or free for all links, earn Michael's clients $750,000 a year or more
    • automates search engine submissions with the same care and attention as if you were doing it manually
    • amazing software plays "within" the search engine rules of one web page, per url, per day
    • spiders folders on your hard drive to find html pages, no more manual typing in URLs
    • software runs on your PC, no third party service will know your submissions or who your clients are
    • expert controls let you shut off the safety switch and take total control over your domains 
    • tracks which page was submitted where, on what date, and what pages are next 
    • tracks and submits unlimited pages, across unlimited web sites and does it all automatically 
    • don't hire another employee, or waste another hour, get Search Engine Commando now

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                Commando: Automate your daily search engine work


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