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Welcome to:

Affiliate Programs For
Webmasters/Newbies Group


My name is Mike Merz, and I formed this group, over 2 1/2 years ago,
in an effort to give Internet Marketing newbies a place to get what
they needed to launch their own Internet Marketing campaign.

I didn't want them to go through 2 years, or more, of trial and error.
Nor should they have to tolerate the countless scams and deadend
programs that wasted a lot of my time, and money, when I was starting out.

I assure you that the programs and services found on this site are among
the most popular, trusted, and successful available.

So let me guide you, step by step, toward Internet Marketing success...

Let's get STARTED!


If you are as dedicated to Newbies as we are, your site belongs here!


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